Saturday, November 20, 2010

Living in Anticipation

Randy is coming up to the 90 day mark at his job.  This is the point in time where the company he is working at strives to hire people "full time".  At the moment, he works for Buckhorn, through a temp agency.  I have been watching my calendar and biting my nails, waiting for the day that they ask him to work for Buckhorn directly.  Every day I hope that he comes home and tells me that he has been hired, there are so many benefits to working for the factory directly.  I really look forward to this change.

This morning as I laid in bed, thinking that maybe today will be the day, I had a quick word from God about my anticipation regarding Randy's job.  I'm still trying to put the thoughts in order, but it went something like this:

When you wait in line at the drive-through, you feel impatient.  You are anticipating your food, you know it should be here any minute now, why is it taking so long.  This makes you angry and frustrated.  Those stupid fast food workers should move faster.  They never get your order right anyway.  Grr, move line, move.  Why does the guy in front of me need 7 bags of food, holy cow, he's the only person in that car.  I really hope he's sharing.  Angry angry angry. 
This is not what God wants from us.

We should be living in anticipation of Him.  Every day we should anticipate the movements of God.  We should be on the edge of our seats waiting eagerly to see what God is planning next.  Where will he show up today.  How will he have me serve him today.  We are so stuck in our fast-food lifestyles, we do not have to wait, at least not long - even if it IS 15 minutes - we are angry and mean when we have to wait. 

When was the last time you had to really wait?  When was time you were on the edge of your seat, waiting for the next exciting thing that was going to happen?  I watch Manasseh when he does things.  He is so funny - he lives in anticipation of joyful moment!  I know this because, when he hears music, he dances without hesitation.  He is not afraid of looking silly when he experiences joy.  A little while ago he was on the edge of his seat - well, my bed - watching Toy Story 3.  There is a scene where monkeys attack the main characters.  He is so taken in by the story, waiting for the next exciting thing, that when the monkeys attacked, he rolled off of the bed.  He lives in anticipation when he is watching Toy Story.

My life needs to be more like Manasseh's.  I do not need to watch Toy Story, but I need to be watching God.  I should be living with the anticipation that he is about to act.  That he is moving in my life and the lives of those around me.  That at any moment, I might fall off of the bed because something exciting has just happened. 

God, help me anticipate you fully.

Friday, November 12, 2010

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