Saturday, April 30, 2011

We're going outside

It's almost May, and guess what.. Crum's This N That is going outside!  We're getting our "spring cleaning" done this week so we can get back to focus on pre-school activities.... AND we're going to start writing about our fun outdoor activities - hiking, camping, gardening, park, sports, etc.

There's still one more review & giveaway for the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT of April... and then... We're outside!!!!

Our Gargoyle

Friday, April 29, 2011

One Step Forward...

Crackers is working on it, trying so hard to walk.. a couple steps here and there is it right now... but he's SO close!

Paci-Catchers: Review & Giveaway

Pacifiers everywhere... That is the problem that we had with Crackers for SO long!  In fact, when we took a long road trip, I took about a dozen paci's so that we could always find one.  Silly?  Yes.. but I was really good at letting him lose them.

Paci Catchers are a great solution to the lost paci problem.  Paci Catchers can also be used in tandem with each other to create a quick bib or nursing cover.  They offer dozens of style choices to meet your needs and fit your taste!

Paci Catchers are a great price at starting at $5!

Paci Catchers is offering a $5 store credit to one of my readers!  Open to residents of US, Canada, Austrailia, and New Zealand.  This contest will close at noon EST on Friday, May 6.

Mandatory Entry:
Check out the Paci Catchers website.  Leave a comment below telling me your favorite product.  Don't forget to leave your email address in your comment.

Additional entries:
Leave 1 comment for each additional entry.  Remember to leave your email address in each comment.
1) Follow Paci Catchers on Facebook.
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3) Tell me who will use the paci clip if you win.
4) Post about this giveaway on Facebook, Twitter or your blog and leave a link below.

Friday Winners!

Congratulations to today's winners:

Comment #50
You won the Hevea Teether

Commnet #5
You win the Ted & Lucy Burp Cloth and Paci Clip set!

Raggedy Baby Burp Cloths: Review & Giveaway

Have you heard of Raggedy Baby (aka Bagladystuff)?  If not you're going to want to check out her shops on Etsy and Facebook!  She makes beautiful rag quilts and burp cloths.  Jessie is an amazing lady, she's the mother of 5 children, a part time social worker, AND a crafter!  Jessie would love to make crafting her primary job, and you can help!
I was honored to meet Jessie at a local coffee shop and pick up these beautiful burp cloths!  I never used burp cloths for Monkey - he didn't spew much - but Crackers was a puker.  He had reflux and he let us know it!  I would have loved using these fantastic cloths with him and I look forward to using them with baby #3.  

Raggedy Baby Burp Cloths are flannel and styled like the Raggedy Baby Quilts.  They have fringes around the edges, and the fringe will become more defined and softer as the cloth is washed again and again.  These are high quality cloths at a fantastic price (a set of 2 for $6).  They are NOT decorated diapers as so many burp cloths seem to be.  They are, however, styled with panels, similar to a prefold diaper.  Raggedy Baby burp cloths are made with 3 layers of flannel and fully customizable.
Nicely packaged burp cloths
Raggedy Baby has several fabric bundles to choose from, and is very willing to help you find other fabrics that are perfect for your nursery.  She also allows customers to buy the fabric and ship it to her if they want to pick it out themselves.  If you choose to do this, she only charges for the labor!
You can buy Raggedy Baby products on Facebook or Etsy!  Quilt prices vary by size, burp cloths are a set of 2 for $6!  Raggedy Baby also has special order items that can be found in both shops! Her products are a must see!  

Raggedy Baby has generously offered to send one of my readers 2 sets of 2 burp cloths (that's 4 cloths total)!  This contest is open to residents of the US.  It will close at noon EST on Friday, May 6.

Mandatory entry:
In order to enter this contest, you must first "like" Raggedy Baby on Facebook.  Please thank her for the giveaway (this is not mandatory, but polite).  Leave a comment in the space below telling me that you have completed this entry, make sure your email address is in your comment.

Additional entries:
Each additional entry you complete earns 1 entry into the giveaway.  Leave 1 comment for each completed entry.  Remember to leave your email address in each comment.
1) Look at the Raggedy Baby inventory on either of her shops (links are above) and tell me which is your favorite set.
2) Order anything from Raggedy Baby, tell me that you ordered, I will check.
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Bummas Wipes: Review

Have you heard of Bummas wipes?  I've seen them on Facebook and been really curious about them, so I looked them up.  Did you know that Bummas wipes were made to help dry baby's bottom off after a changing, so as not to put a damp bottom into the diaper?  This helps prevent rashes and reduces the need for ointments and powders!

I got to try a set of Bummas on my little man's bottom.  These wipes are a great size for taking with us when traveling.  They are thin woven velour terry cloth - soft! I love the colors and the feel of these wipes.  I also love the versatility, I hadn't thought before about using a dry wipe after the wet ones on my boy's bottoms - or about using a wipe to cover them for potty attacks!  (Monkey was famous for poo shooting!)

I absolutely recommend checking out Bummas wipes.  They have a list of local shops on their website if you'd rather see them before ordering, or buy them in person.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Peanut Shell Nursing Cover: Review & Giveaway

Yeah, you're right - this is not a picture of a nursing cover!
I learned about The Peanut Shell in January of 2010, when I had a very sick baby that was having a hard time keeping his body temperature regulated.  I knew that to help him stay warm, I would need to keep him close to myself, and remembered that a friend of mine had a fantastic fleece sling that seemed perfect for the job.  This is not the same brand that she uses, but I found a great deal, and used some gift money that had been sent for Crackers to buy it for him.

I live in Indiana.. it does NOT look like this in the winter in Indiana.  The Peanut Shell Carrier was perfect for the winter in Indiana and it's GREAT for summer in North Carolina.  We had a wonderful family trip and this sling got a lot of use with my 5 month old still.  In fact, my (almost) 2 year old also fit in it comfortably, though he rides on the side instead of the front. 
This is a stock photo from The Peanut Shell... I have never been blond... or that thin!
All of that is beside the point.  Because today I'm writing to review The Peanut Shell Nursing Cover!  The first truth you should know is that I have never used a nursing cover with my boys.  I used their "magic" blankets that Nana made for them, they're large enough to cover me fully and so I made that work.  The problem with the blanket is it's hot.  Not only is the blanket hot, but I can't see the baby while he's eating when he's under the blanket.

Here are some of my favorite features in this cute Dahlia print nursing cover:
Easy adjust strap with a snap for easy removal
Pacifier pockets on the underside of the cover, big enough for a paci or a cell phone... or whatever
Easy baby viewing! (Yep, that's a teddy bear)
The Peanut Shell Nursing Covers currently come in 11 fabric choices.  They are fantastically cute and I'm just sure there's a pattern for everyone!  They are easy to fold or roll and stash into a bag and go!  And, they are light-weight, so baby will not overheat. 

You can purchase The Peanut Shell Nursing Covers on their website or in select stores (their store locator page is currently under construction) for $35.99 plus shipping.

The Peanut Shell has offered to give one of my readers their choice of a nursing cover!

Mandtory Entry:
Like The Peanut Shell on Facebook! It is not required that you thank them, but it is polite.
This contest is open to residents of the US and will close at noon EST on Thursday, May 5. Leave a comment below telling me you have completed this entry.   Remember to leave your email address in your comment below.

Additional Entries:
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Amber Teething Necklace Winner

Congratulations to Kerrie!
Comment #135
You win an amber teething necklace!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wednesday Winners

Congratulations to today's winners

Little Lids

Rockin Green

Educational Toys Planet: Review

We received the Little Builder Tool Kit from Educational Toys Planet on a Tuesday around 3pm.  I know this because that's shortly before Monkey has therapy, and he was so thrilled about the tool kit that he could hardly focus on working with his therapist!
Monkey has really gotten into pretend play recently, and that makes this tool kit perfect for him.  He loves wearing the belt and "fixing" things.  In fact, this morning he fixed the bathroom sink, the kitchen door, and a variety of other things that I was unaware needed fixing.  He especially loves the toy pager.  He uses it like a phone and thinks it's fantastic that it beeps at him when he pushes the button. 

Educational Toys Planet has toys organized both by appropriate age level and by interest.  Monkey loves looking at all the toys with me and telling me "I need bir-day"... yep, he's started to understand that birthdays mean gifts, we're in for it!  We love the Little Builder Tool Kit.  If it was not in our toy chest, it would be on our wish list!

Baby Legs: Review & Giveaway

I am so excited about all of my sponsors this month!  I've been watching BabyLegs on Facebook for a couple of months now and hoping to win some, or someone else's baby leg warmers.  It just hasn't happened.  Guess what, I get to host a review and a giveaway for them.  That's just fantastic!

My husband thinks that legwarmers are girly.  Maybe he's right, but they look SO cute on my little men.  I love that I can show of some of Cracker's super cute diapers, and keep his legs warm.  I was really afraid that he would be upset about the tight feeling on his legs, but he didn't seem to notice that at all!

I've learned a little bit about BabyLegs over the last month, and I would love to share a few things about the company itself.  Did you know that it was started by a mom who needed a solution to diaper rash?  Her sweet girl needed a way to get more air to help heal her bottom, but also needed to stay warm.  BabyLegs started when she snipped the toes off of a pair of socks!  I also learned that BabyLegs has expanded from just leg warmers, to making and selling socks and tights in a great variety of fashionable prints. 
My boys got to try out this sweet set of socks also.  We chose to try the 12-24 months size.  They fit both of my boys fantastically.  I was concerned that they would be small on Monkey (who is almost 3 and wears a size 9 shoe), but they are very stretchy and they stay up well.  The boys love the cute designs on them.

I'm impressed by the versatility of the leg warmers.  These can be used as leg warmers, arm warmers, and knee high "socks".  They help keep legs warm, allow for easier potty training (no pulling pants up and down), make diaper changes easier, and even protect the knees of crawlers.  Crackers definitely appreciated the knee protection last evening while playing on the sidewalk with his brother.

I LOVE my BabyLegs socks and legwarmers.  I enjoy using them on my  boys, and can't wait to use them on the next baby!

BabyLegs has offered to send a grab bag of their products to one of my readers!  This contest is open to residents of the US and will close at noon EST on Wednesday, May 4.

Mandatory Entry:
To enter this giveaway you must first "like" BabyLegs on Facebook.  It's not required that you thank them, but it is polite.  Leave a comment below telling me you've completed this step, along with your email address.

Additonal Entries:
Leave one comment for each additional entry you complete in the "comment" form below.  Put your email address in each comment.
1) "Follow" BabyLegs on Twitter.
2) Enter any of my other current giveaways.
3) Tell me which pair of BabyLegs is your favorite.
4) Become a Google Friend Connect or Networked Blogs follower of this blog.

Wordless Wednesday: A day in the life of a 2 year old

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Lovely Baby & Mommy CD: Review

I know I've said this before, but I just can't state it enough.  We love music at our house.  My boys are always super excited when there is a new kid's CD that they get to dance to.  There are some old ones that get them moving as well.

As usual, they were very excited about the Lovely Baby & Mommy CD.  Mommy was excited too.  They enjoyed it for a few minutes and then lost interest.  It's a great CD, but geared toward younger babies than mine.  My boys are 15 months and 2.5 years (almost 3, yikes).

The music was excellent, with lots of cooing and nice baby sounds.  We enjoy having it on in the background while the boys are playing, but it's not really something they can dance to.  I think we'll enjoy playing it for the new baby when s/he arrives.

If you're getting ready for a new baby, I recommend checking out this CD to enjoy with the baby!  There are some music samples on the Lovely Mommy & Baby page to check out. The Lovely Mommy & Baby CD is on sale right now for just $14.99! 

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using created by WebBizIdeas a Minneapolis SEO and Web Design firm. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising. Tomoson Product review & giveaway Disclosure.

Today's Winners

The winner of the ElJay Plushie Hippo & Pillow is
Alicia C.
Comment #94

The Winner of $35 toward Zoey's Attic is
Comment #5

Congratulations!  I'll be contacting you shortly!

Julie's Craft Corner: Review & Giveaway

Meet "Baby".  This was the very first thing to arrive at our house for the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT.  Monkey hadn't quite started to understand the baby in mommy's belly thing.  I gently explained that this sweet owl was for the baby and well, he's called it "Baby" ever since.  He loves this owl.

Baby was made by Julie at Julie's Craft Corner, a great Etsy shop with nearly 70 crocheted, stuffed animals.  Each is unique and adorable!  She also sells crocheted handbags, afghans, and dolls.  She's even got some jewelry in her shop.  I love looking at her animals especially.  I searched this guy several times to find the seam, I know there's some place that she had to put the stuffing in, but I just can't find it.  That's good because it means that my boys can't find it either!  It's the perfect size for baby to hold, I can't wait to snap some pictures of our new baby with this sweet owl and its new owl hat!

Check out a few of the fantastic items you can find at Julie's Craft Corner. Note that all of the animals have crocheted eyes so there are no removable choking hazards for little ones!
This doll is 17 inches tall and has a removable hat! $30
Handbag: 16"W x 12"H x 3 1/2"D $12
I'd love to wrap a baby in this blanket! 36" X 48" $20
Take a look around Julie's Craft Corner at all of her great products.  Buy 1 or 2... or a whole crocheted zoo! 

Julie's Craft Corner has offered to send one of my readers her crocheted amigurumi stuffed monkey!  This little guy measures 6 1/2"H x 6"D x 6"W and has a cute curly tail.  This giveaway is open to residents of the US.  It will close on Tuesday, May 3 at noon EST.  Julie is expecting her first grandbaby any day now and this may effect the time in which the prize is sent to the winner.  Plan on waiting a couple of weeks to receive it.
Mandatory Entry:
Make Julie's Craft Corner a favorite on Etsy.  Leave a comment below telling me you have done this and make sure to leave your email address in each comment so I can contact you if you win.

Additional Entries:
1) Visit Julie's Craft Corner and tell me your favorite item in her shop.
2) Buy something from Julie's Craft Corner (her prices are fantastic and her products are amazing).
3) Follow Crum's This N That via Google Friend Connect.
4) Share about this giveaway on Facebook, Twitter, or your personal blog.. put a link in your comment!

Monday, April 25, 2011


I have 3 winners to announce tonight.  I will be contacting you all in the morning.. unless you contact me first (-=

The winner of CycleBeads is
Comment #24

The winner of The Paperbag Owl Company is
Comment #58

The winner of Booger & Tash is
Comment #5

Greenchild Creations Cotton Twill Diaper: Review & Giveaway

***Important notice:  Greenchild Creations is having a 15% off sale on her shop now through the end of the month with the code ETC002***

Greenchild Creations is an amazing shop with a fantastic story!  I don't know where to begin with the review of this diaper other than to tell you my first impression (seems logical).  I was a little concerned when I received this diaper, not because it uses pins, but I just wasn't sure that I could figure out how to use it effectively!

Once I got it washed and checked out a few pictures with instructions, I felt much more comfortable.  In fact, I was easily able to stuff the pocket, I love the openings on the side that help me slide my liner in!

Pinning the diaper was no problem at all, I do have a squirmy guy, but he got used to it.  If you're intimidated by pins, as I was (slightly)... check out this fantastic tutorial!

I discovered that this diaper is very absorbent!  It's one of my favorite diapers for putting Crackers in while we're bumming around the house.  There is no waterproof cover, so air can move freely, I feel like that's better for his little bottom.
 What do I love about this diaper??? I think it's fantastic!  I love the simple design.  It's incredibly cute.  It is a one size diaper and I will be able to use it on the next baby too (even if it's a girl).  The liner can be adjusted to change the absorbency, it allows air to get to my baby's bottom, and it's just incredibly cute!  Did I mention the price?  This cotton twill diaper is only $12!

I urge you to check out Greenchild Creations great Etsy shop. (You'll want to do this anyway so you can earn an extra entry into her giveaway)

Greenchild Creations has offered to give the above Green Bug Twill diaper to one of my readers.  Wouldn't this be perfect for summer time adventures??? Such a cute print for a boy or a girl!  It also comes with 2 safety pins!
This contest is open to residents of the United States.   Winner will be chosen at random at noon EST on May 2, 2011.

Mandatory Entry:
"Like" Greenchild Creations on Facebook.  It's not required that you thank her for this giveaway, but it is polite.  Comment below telling me that you have completed this entry!  Remember to leave your email address in each comment.

Additional Entries:
Each additional entry earns one comment below.  Please leave a comment for each entry you complete, stating how you earned it.  Leave your email address in each comment.
1) Check out the Greenchild Creations Etsy Shop.  Come back here and tell me what your favorite product is.  Give yourself an extra entry if you order something before the end of this giveaway.
2) "Like" Crum's This N That on Facebook.
3) Follow Crum's This N That via Google Friend Connect.
4) Subscribe to this blog via email newsfeed.

Disclosure: I received a product free for review.  All opinions are my own.

Delayed drawings

Due to a computer accident, I will be delaying all of today's drawings until 9pm!  I will be posting today's reviews & giveaways around that time as well... sorry for the inconvenience, hopefully the computer incident will work itself out quickly.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter, Cowboy

This was Monkey's first REAL Easter.  It was his 3rd Easter, but this was the first time he really noticed it and started to get a clue about what was going on.  We've been talking about the story of Easter, we've read it in his "Bible Book", we've participated in some Easter church events and talked him through those.

He was excited.  This morning, he got up early (6:30), and climbed into bed with mommy and daddy.  I grinned and told him "Happy Easter".  He sat up, looked around and said, "I go church!  ... Jesus... I need chocolate!"

Okay, so he mostly gets it.. or at least, he's putting the pieces together.  We did not do big, fancy Easter baskets, no egg hunt at our house (we did do one with family later), no mysterious, scary, egg-delivering bunny showed up... but our boys did get some small Easter gifts from mommy & daddy.  Monkey's gifts came in his new cowboy hat.  

This boys needs some boots (and maybe a guitar).. and he'll be a true cowboy - or at least.. he will think so.

So there it is --- Happy Easter, Cowboy!

3 Giveaways ending tomorrow

Don't miss out on the chance to win these 3 great prizes from outstanding companies!

Also remember there are prizes being drawn every day this week.. check out the link above!!!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Blissful Booty: Cloth Diaper Review & Giveaway

Happy Great Cloth Diaper Change Day!  I am sad that we are going to miss the fun event this morning, but the closest is 70 miles away and I don't have a vehicle today anyhow!  Bummer. 

Blissful Booty is one of our BIG ANNOUNCEMENT sponsors!  Therefore, I get the pleasure of telling you about these GREAT diapers.  These diapers are a sized all in one diaper.  Just in case you're new to cloth - a sized diaper is one that fits your baby at a specific measurement - for instance, a "large Blissful Booty Diaper" fits babies that are between 21 & 35 pounds.  Now, these measurements are not exact because babies are shaped differently.  Chunkier thighs or belly make a diaper fit differently then it would on a baby with slender thighs or belly.  An "all in one" diaper means that you can use it as is, just like a disposable diaper.  All of the padding is already sewn in to the diaper and it is waterproof. 

Crackers in his large, celery colored AIO
Blissful Booty is extremely simple to use.  It is my go-to diaper for babysitters, as I don't feel like I have to try and explain how to use it.  It fits nicely around Cracker's legs, and I have never had any trouble with leaking.  I also have 2 boosters to help for added absorbency, but I only use them for overnight, and I think this diaper is really very absorbent on its own!

Large rock star guitar wetbag
We also got the opportunity to try out the Blissful Booty Wetbag!  This is a fantastic size for traveling!  It held most of our dirties after a 3 day trip out of state!  It is great at trapping odors, and keeping our other clothing dry.  Some of my favorite features of this bag are the softness, it's got a flannel outside; the extra long handle has a snap on it so you can roll the bag securely when not in use; and the zipper pulls down from the handle, so when I've got a poopy dipe, I don't need to fidget with it to open it up!

Blissful Booty products are high quality, ultra easy to use, and eco-friendly.  It is a mommy-owned  company with a passion for health of babies everywhere.  I highly recommend that you explore their shop and try out some of their fantastic products today!  Make sure to check out the Blissful Booty Blog too!

Blissful Booty sells a variety of baby related items, from detergent to clothes, PUL to diapers!  Make sure to check out their website and see what you would like to try!  Right now there is free shipping in the US on select purchases over $1!  What a great deal!

Blissful Booty has offered to give one of my readers an All in One Diaper!  This contest is open to residents of the US.  The winner will be selected at random on Monday, May 2 at noon EST.

Mandatory Entry:
To enter this contest you must visit the Blissful Booty Shop and tell me what product you're dying to try!  Remember this must be done before you can complete your additional entries.  Leave your email address in each comment below.

Additional Entries:
Each additional entry should be listed in a separate comment below, include your email address in each comment.
1) Follow Blissful Booty on Twitter.
2) Like Blissful Booty on Facebook.
3) Follow Crum's This N That on Google Friend Connect OR Networked Blogs (or both).
4) Enter any of my other current giveaways! Tell me which giveaway(s) you entered.

**Disclaimer: I received a product or products free for the purpose of review.  All opinions in this post are my own.

Friday, April 22, 2011

YCL Cookbook

Does anyone have the YCL Cookbook??? There's a communion bread recipe that I really want - Helen Yost from Northside COG in Muncie used to make it and well.. I want to make it too!  I can't find my cookbook though.

Zoey's Attic Link Fixed

Thank you Angie for letting me know that the Facebook Link to Zoey's Attic wasn't working - I fixed it... now you can enter the giveaway for a set of shirts!
Angie wins an extra entry for letting me know it was broken!

Ted & Lucy: Review & Giveaway & Free Shipping Code!

Ted & Lucy is an Etsy shop.  It is not run by Ted or Lucy, but their great-granddaughter, Kim!  Kim comes from a long family tradition of crafters.  She's worked as an interior designer, and currently teaches art!  Her newest project is being a mommy to a sweet lilttle girl. 

Ted & Lucy currently offers universal pacifier clips - you read that right - her clips work with ALL brand of pacifiers!  She's also made matching burp cloths, and personalized items such as t-shirts and pillows!  Kim does have an option on her shop for custom requests.  For great pictures of her other work, check her "sold" list!
Ted & Lucy Hooded Towel
I think that Ted & Lucy pacifier clips are absolutely perfect for baby shower presents because of their universal nature!  It's so hard to know what kind of pacifier a baby will latch on to (if any).  They are made of fabric, so they're easy to clean.  The price is fantastic, $5 for one, $8 for 2, and $12 for 3!  Kim offers a great selection of fabrics to choose from!

You can buy Ted & Lucy Pacifier Clips from their Etsy shop.  The prices are fantastic and right now you can get FREE SHIPPING with the code "CRUMFREE".

Ted & Lucy has generously offered to give away 1 pacifier clip set and a burp cloth of the winner's choice!  This contest is open to residents of the US.  Winner will be selected at random on Friday, April 29 at noon EST. 

Mandatory Entry:
"Favorite" the Ted & Lucy shop on Etsy!  Comment below telling me you've done this (I will check).  Remember to leave your email address in your comment.

Additional Entries:
Leave 1 comment per entry, make sure to leave your email address in each comment.
1) Tell me your favorite design on the Ted & Lucy page.
2) Order anything from Ted &Lucy, let me know what you ordered.
3) Subscribe to Crum's This N That via email, this will help you stay up to date with what's happening here.  You can find the form in the upper right corner of this page.
4) Post a link to this giveaway on Facebook, Twitter, or on your blog.  Leave a link to your post in your comment.

***Disclosure: I received a product free for the purpose of review.  All opinions expressed are my own.

Hevea Teether: Review & Giveaway

Teething is a bear.  That is why this sweet teether is so appropriate!  We received the Hevea Teether about a week ago and Crackers fell in love immediately.  In fact, if he puts it down and crawls away, big brother Monkey chases after him with it.  He's just sure that his brother NEEDS this teether.
The bumpy side
I like Hevea because it is 100% natural rubber, it's BPA, PVC and phthalates free.  I also like that Hevea is committed to a greener earth, they display this by being conscious about using recycled packaging, donating to organizations like the World Wildlife Foundation.  

Crackers likes his teether too.  He can't tell me his favorite qualities, but he seems to like the textures on the bear, as well as the pliability.  This teether is different from gel or water filled teethers, it feels softer, easier to mold.  It also seems to go back further into his mouth so he can reach his sensitive molars and help break them through the gum!
The ridged side

Hevea has offered one of my readers a Teddy Bear Teether!  US Residents only.  Contest will end on Friday, April 29 at noon, EST.

Mandatory Entry:
Please leave a comment below, telling me that you have completed the mandatory entry, leave your email address in your comment.
"Like" Hevea Baby on Facebook.

Additional Entries:
Please leave 1 comment per additional entry, include your email address in each comment.
1) "Follow" Hevea on Twitter.
2) Follow Crum's This N That via Google Friend Connect or Networked Blogs.
3) "Like" Crum's This N That on Facebook.
4) Enter any of my other current giveaways!

** Disclosure: I received a product free for review.  All opinions expressed are my own.

Booger & Tash Giveaway - Fixed the problem

The Booger & Tash Paci Clip review & giveaway wasn't working... I didn't know they had put the shop on vacation mode!  I've changed the mandatory entry.  Please enter this giveaway!  It's a GREAT clip!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Amber Teething Necklaces: Review & Giveaway!

Have you heard of "baltic amber teething necklaces"?  I have been hearing about them for a while, and though I was interested - I was definitely skeptical.  I decided a couple of months ago that I wanted to give them a try.  This desire came out of desperation when Crackers was trying to push 8 teeth through at one time... YES - 8 teeth, and 4 of those were molars!  He succeeded in getting 7 teeth in about 2 weeks.  There was a lot of drool, snot, fussiness, diarrhea, and whining. What a miserable time for my little guy.

I had to sneak to get a picture of him without movement
A few weeks ago we got our first baltic amber teething necklace.  You know what?  I'm in love.  I wish I had them for both of my boys as they were teething.  I am so glad we'll have one for the next baby from the start.  In the last week Crackers has finally been able to burst that last molar through his gums.  You know what, I didn't even know it was happening until I saw him chewing on something that he had shoved way back there.  There was none of the "normal" symptom of teething.  It was the most wonderful teething experience I've had with him!

"Wearing baltic amber close to the skin is a traditional European remedy for baby teething. A natural analgesic, amber will help calm a baby without resorting to drugs. Used for centuries in Europe, amber's natural anti-inflamitory and pain relieving properties are perfect to soothe teething babies. Amber is fossilized resin, which warms against the skin, releasing it's theraputic properties safely and naturally."

I can't explain it, but it seems to work for my little guy.  My sister has used one on her baby, Bugsy, and noticed a difference the first night he wore it.  I've seen claims that amber is also helpful with digestion, sore throats, and other body pains.  In fact, my sister has been having a lot of knee pains, so she tried out Bugsy's spare necklace - she has had very limited body pain since she started wearing it!

Amber Teething Necklace offers a great variety of necklaces and sets for babies and mamas!  I love their selection and their service.  We chose to try the "Olive Shaped Cognac Amber Necklace".  I love how it looks on Crackers.  There is a knot between each bead so that if the baby would pull it off, the beads will not scatter.  Necklaces should not be exposed to water for long periods of time, as it can weaken the fiber in the chord.  They should not be worn around the neck overnight (although, honestly, sometimes I'm lazy and leave it on).  A great solution to overnight wear is to wrap it around the ankle and put it under footie pajamas.  
Beautiful Amber!
Amber Teething Necklaces has offered to give one of my readers their choice of 1 teething necklace from their shop!  This giveaway is open worldwide.  It will end on Thursday, April, 28 at noon EST.

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**Amber is not an FDA approved "drug".  

Good-bye, Chick-Fli-A

I love Chick-Fil-A... it's a fantastic fast food joint with great values and polite, helpful staff.  I also love it that they've got family night every Wednesday with free kid's meals from 5-7pm.  We went last night, and I am sad to think that it is probably our last time for quite a while.

I was sitting at dinner, enjoying a wonderful spicy chicken sandwich with my family, and thinking about how great it would be to make it a tradition to go every other week (the weeks that Randy's off on Wednesday) and invite some friends to join us.  See, not only do they have free kids meals, they also provide activities for kids.  In fact, last night Monkey got his face painted for the first time!  He was pretty tickled that the lady, "write on face".  He also loves their small, toddler friendly playground.
Monkey's first face painting, he was very serious and still for the lady
Here's the problem though.  After 1 chicken nugget, Crackers' face started breaking out.  By the time he'd eaten 2, we noticed his hands were swelling.  Scary? Yep!  You see, I'd forgotten that the nuggets have just a tiny bit of egg in them to help hold the batter on.  Crackers is allergic to eggs, but has never reacted to the nuggets like that. 

The solution seems simple enough: don't give him nuggets.  Unfortunately for us, their only choices for kid's meals are battered chicken.  We tried once to get him grilled chicken instead of the kid's meal, and they charged us some crazy price for just a piece of grilled chicken.

There it is, Chick-Fil-A will have to be one of those places that is only for mommy and daddy for a while.  *sigh* and mommy and daddy don't really get out all that often - so, again I sadly say, "Good-bye Chick-Fil-A".