Thursday, April 7, 2011

Dorel Juvenile Focus Groups: Looking for folks near Columbus, IN

Have you ever wondered who the people are that get to do cool things like helping companies improve their products?  Have you ever thought, "gee, I wish that this company would do this...."?  Did you know that YOU can be one of those people?  Check this out!

Dorel Juvenile Group is offering GREAT opportunities for parents to help with research!  Right now they are looking for parents (and expectant parents) of children under 8 in the Columbus, IN area.  If you live a little distance from Columbus and are willing to drive - this is for you too!

Dorel is offering 5 ways to participate in their research events - and you can earn gift cards for participating!

1) Parent's WeeViews - Anyone with children under 4 can participate in Parents WeeViews.  This "event" is online and regularly surveys parents about products.  For each survey you complete, you are entered into a drawing for GREAT monthly prizes.  For example, two of the prizes currently on our newly updated prize list are a Complete Air 65 Car Seat or Nod-A-Way Bassinet! 

2) Parent Focus Groups - These happen in Columbus, IN.  Parent focus groups are generally held on a weekday from 6-8pm.  This is a parent only event, where parents come to talk about products - snacks are even provided.  What's more - for participation you earn a $50 gift card to Target or Babies 'R Us!

3) Product Testing - You will need to travel to Columbus, IN so your child can help with testing products.  Gift card amounts will vary depending on time spent.  

4) In-Store Shop-Alongs - In these events you (and possibly your child) will shop with a Cosco employee.  No purchases are necessary, the employee will have questions for you as you shop.  Gift card amounts will vary.

5) One-on-ones/In-home visits - Yep, they'll even come to your house to learn about your family, your needs, your ideas!  These happen in the Columbus, IN office, or in your home.  One or two employees will chat with you about products.  Again, you earn gift cards for your time!

Isn't that amazing?  We have the opportunity to help input about products that our children, and future children will get to use!   I think it sounds like a ton of fun!

If you'd like to join Dorel Juvenile Focus Group, it's simple!  
Just email Katie at
and tell her you're interested!  (You can also email me, if you have any questions and I will do my best to answer them!   When you email Katie, please be sure to include your:
Phone Number:
Referred by: Jennifer Crum

(There is a referral contest going on right now and I'd like to beat my sister)!


  1. HAHAHAHA!! I LOVE that you said you'd like to beat your sister! But it's a raffle. Doesn't really matter how many entries you get. ;-)

  2. I know, but if I get more referrals, I have a better chance of winning than you do