Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter, Cowboy

This was Monkey's first REAL Easter.  It was his 3rd Easter, but this was the first time he really noticed it and started to get a clue about what was going on.  We've been talking about the story of Easter, we've read it in his "Bible Book", we've participated in some Easter church events and talked him through those.

He was excited.  This morning, he got up early (6:30), and climbed into bed with mommy and daddy.  I grinned and told him "Happy Easter".  He sat up, looked around and said, "I go church!  ... Jesus... I need chocolate!"

Okay, so he mostly gets it.. or at least, he's putting the pieces together.  We did not do big, fancy Easter baskets, no egg hunt at our house (we did do one with family later), no mysterious, scary, egg-delivering bunny showed up... but our boys did get some small Easter gifts from mommy & daddy.  Monkey's gifts came in his new cowboy hat.  

This boys needs some boots (and maybe a guitar).. and he'll be a true cowboy - or at least.. he will think so.

So there it is --- Happy Easter, Cowboy!

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  1. "I go church! ... Jesus... I need chocolate!"
    That absolutely needs to go on a card. :-D Glad you had a good Easter!