Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Medicine, yuck!

Have you ever had ridiculous troubles getting the right medicine at the pharmacy?

My goodness have I had a difficult week related to the pharmacy!  On Monday, the nurse practitioner gave me a new medicine for my diabetes - that's good news for me.  She gave me the script and sent me on the way.  Mr. Pharmacist called me about half an hour before closing time (I dropped it off late) to tell me that he was confused by the script, he didn't think she had written it like she intended.  He was right about this.  So no meds for me on Monday.

Yesterday I sent my fabulous husband to pick up meds for me and Crackers.  Randy got them all and came home - he had my medicine and my test strips... this was a bit confusing.  I was expecting test strips, but there were only 20 in the package.  I know they're supposed to last a month and I'm supposed to test at LEAST 4 times a day... 20 will probably not last me 5 days, months are well.. 30 - 31 days long. 

Also, the medicine I got was an insulin pen.  I like them, they're convenient, no vials or filling needles.  So nice!  BUT... you have to have tips for said pens in order to inject the medicine.  Mrs. Nurse did not think to give me a script for tips... so, no meds Tuesday.

Today they nurse sent a script for the pens - dopey me forgot to tell her about the test strips.. oh boy!

Meds.... yuck


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