Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Linkies and Linky Lists

I'm at it again.. I keep thinking that I need to put together a list of my favorite Linky Lists and stick them on one of my blog pages so I can access it regularly without having to skim through other people's lists and sort out which ones will be best for my sponsors.

Today I am thinking, "I'm gonna do it"... but I won't get it together completely in one day.

Also, I need your help.  Do you host a Linky?  Do you have a linky that you prefer?  I really love using Mr. Linky when I'm promoting sponsors.  I love it that it remembers my information, so I don't have to type the same thing 30 times a day.

Can you share your thoughts?  Would you be interested in seeing a list of linkies here?  Please leave web addresses for linkies that you sponsor or use!  Thanks for the help.

1 comment:

  1. I would love to be added, i have amonth long linky that expires after a month and refreshes the first wednesday of every month i have a button code for it and a link.. th edirect link is:

    the button is on my blog underneath my blog button. the first button on the right says grab my blog button, the button on the left says grab my linky button.
    they cam be found on my homepage