Friday, April 1, 2011

The pool...

So, we're in Maryland visiting family.  Tonight we decided to wear our boys down by taking them to the heated pool at the hotel!  I was super excited, Randy and I both love to swim and we can't think of too many times that our boys have had the opportunity to use a pool yet.  -- Monkey swam in the ocean and in tide pools this summer, but that's about it in his recent memory.

Monkey had a hard time leaving the fun pool
We got to the pool and it was empty -- bonus, we got the whole area to ourselves.  Monkey had refused to take his socks off before leaving the hotel room, no surprise, he didn't know what to expect.  We got to the pool and I got busy preparing Crackers for a fun dip.  I asked Monkey to take his socks off, then his shirt so that he would be ready to get in.

I turned around and realized that Monkey thought he was going to get in to a big bathtub and had removed his shirt and his trunks!  YIKES!
Check out this swim diaper - I bought it for 40c!
The pool may be heated but it was NOT warm.  Within a few minutes of pool time, Crackers hands, feet, and lips were purple - bummer.  We convinced Monkey that it would be fun to play in the warm bath instead.  The boys had a blast splashing together in the tub.

Looking forward to spending the day with family tomorrow!
Splashing in the "warm bath"

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  1. looks like so much fun! have a great time :)