Friday, April 8, 2011

What's happening today?

An unusual Friday at the Crum house.  My boys woke up at 7 today (Monkey has just started getting back into this habit).  Our dear friend The Roamer came over today - this is the little guy I babysit, he usually does not come on Fridays... that throws us all off a bit because it's out of the ordinary.  Monkey and The Roamer spent the morning playing with toy animals and Little People, as well as emptying cups of water onto my bathroom floor!

It's not quite 11 and all the boys are down for nap - they've all been grouchy today, maybe it's the change in schedule, or the rain, or they're just in a snit! 

Soon I get my mama time!  I think I'll do a little Wii Fit and maybe some sewing - not sure what yet.  (Also I need to change the laundry). 

For the afternoon we'll be doing David and Goliath activities!  There will be no slinging of rocks at the big people, however.

Then as soon as daddy gets home, off to church for small group.

What a day!  Fun, active, good.


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