Thursday, April 14, 2011

Cliff Hanger

Have you ever watched the show Between the Lions?  It's a great show about the adventure of reading.  It plays on PBS a couple times a day.  Monkey likes it, so he gets to watch it on occaision.

Have you seen this guy?

Cliff Hanger... his spot on the show describes the many ways he tries to get people to help him get off of the cliff he's hanging from.  At the end of each segment of Cliff Hanger he yells, "Can't... Hold... On... Much... Longer".

Cliff Hanger makes me crazy.  I think it's annoying, come on, for real - he can't pull his book out of his pocket to look for a solution while hanging onto a cliff with his free hand!  And then there are all these attempts to get off the the cliff, one of them would certainly work.  And there's no way he could hang on as many months as he's been there!  Even if he had a really good grip, he'd starve, then he wouldn't be able to hold on, because he'd be dead.  Where is he getting food, anyway?

That's not what I set out to write about though.  See, sometimes I feel like Cliff Hanger.  Like there's something big coming and I just can't hold on much longer!  Today is one of those days!  I've got a lot of "big" stuff going on right now and I'm ready for some of it to start coming to fruition!  The good news?  Saturday will be a big day for me as far as that goes.  You know why?  Nope - you probably won't, so you'll have to stay tuned to my blog on Saturday, I'll have a post scheduled to share about what's going on as it happens!  Unless, of course, you're with me on Saturday... you'll be part of my day and know what's going on.  (Saturday will be a ton of fun, celebrating the lives of 2 of my aunties as we participate in the race for the cure with 25+ people in our family team)!

What else is going on.. well, just "stuff"... "big stuff".   As things begin to change in the Crum house, I'll write about them - if some of the potential changes happen there will certainly be changes in some of my blogging, maybe some new focuses.  I'm not trying to be vague... really!  I just can't share it all in this format right now!  Soon, as I am "rescued from my cliff", I'll celebrate not having to "hold on" to some of my big hopes any longer! 

Thanks for sticking with me. 


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