Saturday, April 9, 2011

Names of God: Part 1

Last night in our small group we talked about the names of God.  Did you know that God has a lot of names?  I knew that, I've heard them, read them, studied some of them.  They're familiar with me.  Unfortunately, sometimes familiarity breeds indifference.  I don't spend much time thinking about the names of God or what they mean.  It was refreshing and even eye opening to be reminded of all the names and attributes of the God that I choose to serve and love.  Thanks Justin for bringing this to the forefront of my mind.

During our meeting, the question was posed, what name or attribute of God do you most identify with?  This was easy for me, I really did not have to take any time thinking about it.  The answer to me was obvious.  Father.  I identify easily with God as a Father.  I suppose this is mostly because out of all the names that God is given, that is what I have experienced the most relationship with in my human life.  I know my dad, I love my dad, I feel safe with him, I know he's there to help when I need, etc.  
I shared last night that the problem with identifying most easily with "father" for God is that it's easy to go days without talking to my dad and I know he's still there when I come back to him.  God's like that too, but well, he wants to be in relationship with me every day, constantly.  (I imagine that my dad is glad I grew up and moved out and don't live next door to bug him all the time).

This  morning, as I was looking at names of God, I found this video by Nicole Nordeman (I like her music), it reminded me of the "daddy God"


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