Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Educational Toys Planet: Review

We received the Little Builder Tool Kit from Educational Toys Planet on a Tuesday around 3pm.  I know this because that's shortly before Monkey has therapy, and he was so thrilled about the tool kit that he could hardly focus on working with his therapist!
Monkey has really gotten into pretend play recently, and that makes this tool kit perfect for him.  He loves wearing the belt and "fixing" things.  In fact, this morning he fixed the bathroom sink, the kitchen door, and a variety of other things that I was unaware needed fixing.  He especially loves the toy pager.  He uses it like a phone and thinks it's fantastic that it beeps at him when he pushes the button. 

Educational Toys Planet has toys organized both by appropriate age level and by interest.  Monkey loves looking at all the toys with me and telling me "I need bir-day"... yep, he's started to understand that birthdays mean gifts, we're in for it!  We love the Little Builder Tool Kit.  If it was not in our toy chest, it would be on our wish list!


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