Friday, February 26, 2010

mornings at my house

"Ryan, what are you doing?"
"Getting ready"
"What are you DOING to get ready"

Sunday, February 14, 2010

and another..

"I want you to get out your pajamas"
"The ones for today?"

Around my house

A few things heard around my house this week:

Mom - What things do you guys want to learn about North Carolina or the beach before we go on vacation?
Child - There's a beach in North Carolina?
Dad - Do you know where North Carolina is?
Child - Um.. yeah... it's by the Canadian border!
(we need to work on geography)

"Get off the table! ..... and where are your pants?"

"We don't put plastic bags on baby's faces"

"Get Buhda out of your mouth"

"Don't touch that! Ugh.. Don't EAT that!" (baby spit up)

"I don't know where it is" (Okay, we hear that every day)

Friday, February 12, 2010

The Key...

We have a baby.. so I get up a lot in the night. Some nights, when he's cranky and just doesn't want to sleep, I wake Randy up to help me out for a little while so I can get a break.

Last night I woke Randy up to help me at about 1:30. He didn't even have to get out of bed, somehow the act of Randy sitting up to get Cassius, made Cassius fall asleep (Cass couldn't see him.. it was just funny coincidence).

As Randy got ready to go back to sleep, he leaned over to hand me something and said "put this on the n...." as he said it, he opened his hand to give me the object and realized that his hand was empty. No idea what he was handing me, he said something about a key.

Funny guy.

Monday, February 8, 2010


Laundry is an ever-present evil waiting in piles, ready to attack at the drop of a hat.. or shirt.. or pair of underwear.

Laundry drives me crazy. I do laundry for myself, Randy, and the two little boys. The big boys do their own laundry and I try to let them remember to do it on their own without too much prompting or nagging from me.

Our washing machine is having some trouble - it won't drain all the way. Because the washer doesn't fully drain, it takes 3-4 hours to dry a load of clothes. See the problem? 6 people, 1 half broken washer.

So at 8:30 one of my boys came to me and said "I need to do laundry". That doesn't work - my boys go to bed by 9, no way to get it done on time. Boys! And always.. always right before bed is when they suddenly realize that they're out of clothes (and likely remember that they've been wearing dirty clothes for the last few days).

I need a girl.. or maybe a maid.. or a laundry mat.. something!


We're starting to think about summer vacation - Sunset Beach, NC. Tonight I asked the family at dinner, what everyone wants to learn about NC and the beach. One of my brilliant sons said, "there are beaches in North Carolina?"
"Yes" said his father... "do you know where North Carolina is?"
"Uh.. yeah... it's on the Canadian border".

I think we'll learn geography before we work on other things about the state.