Monday, February 8, 2010


Laundry is an ever-present evil waiting in piles, ready to attack at the drop of a hat.. or shirt.. or pair of underwear.

Laundry drives me crazy. I do laundry for myself, Randy, and the two little boys. The big boys do their own laundry and I try to let them remember to do it on their own without too much prompting or nagging from me.

Our washing machine is having some trouble - it won't drain all the way. Because the washer doesn't fully drain, it takes 3-4 hours to dry a load of clothes. See the problem? 6 people, 1 half broken washer.

So at 8:30 one of my boys came to me and said "I need to do laundry". That doesn't work - my boys go to bed by 9, no way to get it done on time. Boys! And always.. always right before bed is when they suddenly realize that they're out of clothes (and likely remember that they've been wearing dirty clothes for the last few days).

I need a girl.. or maybe a maid.. or a laundry mat.. something!


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