Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I like mail...

I love getting cool stuff in the mail.  Today the FedEx man came and brought me this:

AMAZING!  Thanks FedEx!  Okay, really, Thanks Dorel Juvenile Group and Safety 1st.

I just want to say again, if you haven't checked it out, look into local research events with Dorel, it's a great way to help improve products AND earn some gift cards!  Here's my blog post about the Columbus, IN area events.  If you're interested and not in that area, let me know and I'll get you the info about getting in contact with Dorel in your area!


  1. Darn i just bought a super expensive one like this about a month ago, wish i would of seen this one :(
    just a small piece of advice is to get a couple of safety straps for the babies, at the time a friend of mine suggested it and i didn’t really pay much attention to it… however, we learned our lesson with a not so fun trip to the ER. regardless, thanks for posting :D

  2. oh my, i wouldn't have thought about safety straps, I've never used them with my boys, I'll have to look into it though, thanks. Hope your trip to the ER has turned out okay