Friday, April 29, 2011

Bummas Wipes: Review

Have you heard of Bummas wipes?  I've seen them on Facebook and been really curious about them, so I looked them up.  Did you know that Bummas wipes were made to help dry baby's bottom off after a changing, so as not to put a damp bottom into the diaper?  This helps prevent rashes and reduces the need for ointments and powders!

I got to try a set of Bummas on my little man's bottom.  These wipes are a great size for taking with us when traveling.  They are thin woven velour terry cloth - soft! I love the colors and the feel of these wipes.  I also love the versatility, I hadn't thought before about using a dry wipe after the wet ones on my boy's bottoms - or about using a wipe to cover them for potty attacks!  (Monkey was famous for poo shooting!)

I absolutely recommend checking out Bummas wipes.  They have a list of local shops on their website if you'd rather see them before ordering, or buy them in person.


  1. poo shooting? i think i'm going to vomit.

  2. yes, he was really good at hitting me with it... target shooting, I think