Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ruffians, Rapscallions, Scalliwags, and Hoodlums

I'm not even kidding. I saw these guys while we were on our walk through the neighborhood today.

Okay, let me start out by saying that when I was getting ready to buy this house, a concerned adult (who is older and wiser than I), told me that this is NOT a good neighborhood. She said, "there are Mexicans there". I REALLY wanted to laugh, as I had recently returned from a 4 month trip to Costa Rica. I lived by myself with hispanic people all around. I rode the busses, went to the stores, all that stuff. I never worried about my safety. Somehow though, living in Goshen, it's a problem to be in the same neighborhood as hispanic people. I think it's just fear that people have when they lack education about different people groups.

Now, I have seen some signs of wanna-be gang activities. A few small thefts (including my fire pit.. I loved that thing). Some tagging on the factory behind me. It really didn't look like it was tagging from a gang as much as some neighborhood kid.

Today though, we were out on Wilkonson Street, close to the Merit Education Center.. an alternative school for kids who just can't handle public schools for one reason or another. We were there with the intention of taking pictures of some really cool gnarled trees that I spotted late last week. As we approached the corner near the school I saw them. A gang of them. Like 6 or something.. the closer I got, the more I saw.. in small clusters around the school yard and down the street near some of the houses. Worst of all, they were carrying instruments of destruction. Some had rakes, some had shovels... one EVEN had a wheelbarrel! LOL. Okay, so these kids that have had kind of a rough time in their schools are out raking the yards in the neighborhood. Now I'm really afraid. I think we should move.. can't have anyone raking our yard!


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