Monday, November 17, 2008

Fallen Angel?

No, just human leader. Yesterday Randy and I attended one of our churches and heard a small part of the story about one of our leaders. He resigned to the church yesterday, and shared that he had engaged in sexual flirting with someone other than his wife. We are sad for him, his family, and the other family that is involved. We are praying that he will be restored to his family and to the church. We will pray for the church in its healing from the wounds that have been and will be caused through this. How easy it would be for any of us to do the same, and how difficult to stand in front of a room full of others and admit it.

I see this man as one of great integrity. More than I realized before yesterday, I really admire him in ways he will never know. I'm sure he does not see himself this way right now. Lord bless this man, his family, the other family, and the church.


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