Monday, November 11, 2013

More Than You Can Take

I just heard a song on the radio that stopped me in my tracks.  I've seen a blog post that so many people have shared about the lie that "God won't give you more than you can take."
This is Selah.

I've been there.  You see, yesterday marked the due date of our 5th baby.  Selah would be in our arms now, had we not lost babies 4 & 5 in the last year.  Talk about an overwhelming feeling.  It sure feels at times like "more than we can take".

The truth is just that - God won't give us more than we can take... but we forget this next part, we leave it off ALL THE TIME.  Listen closely because this is important and when you forget about it, people leave feeling weak, inadequate, unloved by God - because why would he dish it out to them and not others. 

So here it is: God won't give you more than you can take WITH HIS STRENGTH.

That's right.  Sometimes we get knocked down and the ONLY way up is through Him.  His strength is certainly the only way we made it through the last year. In His strength, we continue to stand, to fight, to live.

As I washed dishes and listened to the song about God not giving us more than we can take, I thought of the verse, "My yoke is easy and my burden is light."

WHAT?!!!  Honestly, I can't figure out what that means when I look around and see the hurt and brokenness in the world.  I do, however, know that because of my faith in the good, holy, perfect God - I was able to make it through the last year.  I know that if it hadn't been for His strength, my burden would have felt much more desperate, lonlier, harder. 

Are you there?  Are you in the dark times?  His burden is light.  Spend time in prayer and discovery.  Let him pull you through.  Turn up the worship music.  Cry on his shoulder.  His strength will pull you through.  God is a BIG God. 

Be strong in the Lord and His mighty power! (Eph 6:10)

I urge you to do some study in Ephesians 6.  Learn how to suit up in a way that will make you strong in the face of a powerful enemy.

Blessings as you walk through each day and trust in Him.


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