Wednesday, May 23, 2012

3 Year old: On Healing

Yep, he's the one - the thinker, contemplative, super hero in his pass time.  This little boy melts my heart EVERY DAY.  He makes this mama turn to a pile of mushy goo.  What a sweet, lovey, smart little guy.  This one is always asking questions and absorbing everything - EVERYTHING he hears and sees.

We've been praying for a while for Grandpa Crum.  He has had health problems and is recovering amazingly.  We also recently started praying for Poppy Billey, he has a broken foot.  We pray for other things together too - our house in Goshen to sell, finances to make some major repairs on our house (so far we've been able to fix the chimney and the entry way this year - we really need to fix the garage), new cars, changes in jobs, all sorts of things.

My Monkey loves to say the prayer at meals as often as he can.  In fact, frequently both of our "big" boys will pray - at the same time.  It's a noisy ruckus and I think God loves it.  

So what's this about healing?  Monkey knows all about it.  He knows that God wants us to be well and that when we pray to him he will help us to be well.  He also knows that sometimes we have to keep praying (as in the case with his grandfathers).  

Here's the thing that just makes me melt about his prayers for healing.  He doesn't ask God to "please heal ___, if it's your will..."  Nope.  He's bold.  He knows that God WANTS healing for all of us.  He just goes right ahead and thanks God for healing people.  "Thank you for making ___ better".  And he does this again and again - every meal he prays thank you's to God for the healing work that he is going to do in our family and with our friends.  

This little boy goes to God EXPECTING for God to do his healing work.  He knows God is at work.

Why does it melt me?  Why do I share?  Because it's hard for me to remember.  I'm puny.  I try the begging tactic a lot.  Monkey just goes, knowing that God loves us and wants good for us.

Thank you God for little boys that remind me about how you see us.  Thank you God that you are working your divine healing in our lives.


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