Saturday, May 26, 2012

My spoiled boys

It's almost become "normal" for my boys to get a popsicle every night while we're living at camp.  I think as an outsider, I would be sure someone didn't know how to feed their kids well.  The truth though?  The top half of these popsicles is made of banana blueberry plum baby food.  Followed by a couple of banana pieces and the frozen treat is finished with a mango smoothie that my boys are sure is amazing.

My weird Mango Smoothie Recipe:
A bit of mango
A whole orange (peel and all)
A small sweet red pepper
A splash of coconut milk

Sound gross?  I think so.  The boys love this strange treat.


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  2. I've always been all for letting my kids experiment when it comes to food, and all the weird combinations that they've come up with is, well, mind-boggling. I think it's great that you make these popsicles for the boys AND that you let them have one every night before bed.
    Yes, that combo sounds weird as all get out, but the important thing is that they'll remember these times with loving fondness....and really, isn't THAT one of the most important things we can give our kids?
    You're wonderful Jennifer!! You and Randy are fantastic parents!! You all are going to have the most amazing adults!!

  3. We go the homemade Popsicle route too. What blender are you using that the orange peel gets smoothied up too? Or are you using a Vitamix?

  4. We use the Ninja Chopper. It doesn't get *completely* smooth, the boys don't mind the tiny bit of texture though.

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