Monday, March 4, 2013

My Why #Mamavation

A few weeks ago my husband and I shared a meal with some friends.  During our conversations we shared a little about our push toward fitness.  The question that one of our friends asked was, "Why?" Why would we care about expanding our life?  Why not just enjoy what we've got now?  What has happened in our lives to create this change of attitude and desire to be fit?

So here it is, my WHY.

W - Wellness increases the quality of my life RIGHT NOW.  Living better, exercising more, eating healthier - all of it comes together to give me more energy.  Health makes me more able to chase my little boys around and enjoy them more every day.  When I have more energy I feel more productive, there is so much I want to fit in to my every day!  As I get stronger, my body is less prone to illness, which means I can spend more time with family and friends doing what I love best.  Wellness improves my quality of life all around - now and in the future.

H - Health means that I don't have to worry as much about how diabetes is going to damage my body.  I don't get as tired from ridiculous blood sugars.  I can give my mind other priorities - there is no need to be concerned about the possibility of losing sight, or limbs due to diabetes.  My organs will function properly, and I can spend time doing other things.  Health feels good.

Y - YoungOnes: I have 3 little boys and I want to be part of their lives as they grow.  I want to see them graduate from high school, get married, make babies.  I want to know my grandchildren.  I don't want my children to have memories of a sick mama that was laid up in bed because of diabetes, a mama that could not enjoy them and spend time with them.  I want to be active as my boys grow and continue to be active in their lives once they have grown into honorable men.

What's your WHY?  


  1. I love your WHY!!! What a fabulous outlook on it and who knows, you may just impact your friends in some small way that gets them to think and change their Why!! :)

    1. Thanks so much. I would like our friends to live a long healthy life too, it would be great if we can impact them a bit!

  2. Excellent reasons. I say "Why not?" OK. What I usually say is I'm trying to extend the amount of time between now and when someone else is going to have to wipe my butt for me. But you put in a much nicer way. :-)

  3. What an awesome way to think about your WHY. Really, seriously cool. I'll have to think about mine! Thank you for this question that will now bug me. LOL.

  4. Love this post! Thank you for sharing you why!

  5. Those are excellent reasons! And you know, your why looks a lot like my why! Except I only have 2 boys...