Thursday, January 8, 2009

15lb 3oz

That's how much Manasseh weighed yesterday, not too bad I suppose for his 6 month check-up.. not too good either, at 4 months he was 14lb 11oz. So he's gained half a pound in 2 months.. personally it sounds like an achievement, but not so good when you're so little. He's dropped from the 50th percentile in weight to the 10th. Still right in the middle as far as his height goes, his head hasn't grown much either.

So I'm trying to give him more solid foods. Trouble is, he doesn't' want them this week. In fact, he gags when I try to give him baby food. Doesn't mean I've stopped trying, just he's making it difficult. One way or another he'll gain some weight.

As for his head size, I'm a little bit concerned but not sounding an alarm about it, yet. his head size is about the 3rd percentile for babies his age. Babies with head sizes smaller than the 1st percentile are concerned micro cephalic (small headed). He's pushing it. He does appear to have a small ridge on his forehead - my sister pointed this out a few months ago, we think its becoming more apparent now. There's also a flat area on the back right side of his head. These could both be perfectly normal things, and are very normal for a lot of babies. However with the family history of craniosynistosis, I am a bit concerned about it. My doctor does not seem to see it as a big issue, but I am definitly wanting to push for some more attention to his head.

Anyway, our boy is healthy overall, just needing a bit of weight gain for now.


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