Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Children's Clothes - Yikes

So, someone had this brilliant idea about helpin protect kids by making a national industry standard requiring testing of ALL products that will be used by kids under 12. This is great, and will help kids be at less risk of lead poisoning.

However.. the problem with the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act is that it currently appears to include ALL children's products, both new and used. This means that thrift stores, home businesses, and so forth would have to submit everything they sell for testing. Yikes.. that means that our second hand stores will be out of business, as they can't afford to have everything tested.. AND even if they could, in order to test things materials are destroyed.

I personally am a big fan of Salvation Army, Goodwill, any such store like this -- We've got to get to our congressmen and ask for some amendments to this act that protect sellers of used goods!


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