Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The characters for the script

Kind of funny that my last post was almost a year ago. There have been SO many changes in our lives and home over the last year that it's nearly unbelievable. A year ago, Manasseh was a sweet almost 6 month old, and struggling with a nasty cold. Let me introduce you to all the characters that appear in the stories to come...

Now, it's an ear infection and a very independent almost 18 month old. He doesn't talk, other than "no" - but he's working on it, sometimes. He communicates well with signs and gestures. His current plans for the future are "to be a big brother" and "to have my diaper changed as soon as mom puts the computer down".

In May we added Brandon, 12, to our family. He turned 13 at the end of June and is in the 8th grade . Brandon would like to be a pastor or a singer or a cook or a park ranger in the future.

In October we added Ryan, 10, to our family. He turned 11 shortly after he moved in. Ryan is a 5th grader. He hopes to some day be an inventor or a miner or somethin else that Ican't remember right now. Ryan can never find his socks when it's time to get ready to go someplace.

In 2 days - January 8 - we plan to add another boy to our family. This one does not yet have a name, and we don't know anything about his personality (other than he doesn't move nearly as much as Manasseh did). We look forward to meeting our new little man, and introducing him to his crazy assortment of family.

Randy is working at an instrument factory. He recieves stuff and enteres it into the computer. I'm sure there's more to it than that, but that's the part I know. He's a GREAT dad, very patient with the big boys, even when his incredibly pregnant wife is at her witts' end. He is a beekeeper - or "bee-haver", I guess we won't know until spring how many he was able to keep. He loves nature and gardens and all kinds of cool things like that.

Me, I stay at home with Manasseh - and soon with "baby". For real, this poor guy doesn't have a name for sure yet. I run the big boys all over the place for appointments, and have plenty of appointments myself right now - those will slow down soon. As stated, I am immensely pregnant, and I greatly look forward to being relieved of the condition. I hope it helps my mood, and my ability to get the "big boys" ready for school without wanting to eat them for their sometimes ridiculous behaviors.

So here we are - the Crum Family. An odd assortment of individuals, drawn together by God and sometimes God is the only thing that keeps us held together. In the coming posts, you will discover some of the craziness that is our family. I think every family with kids hosts a slew of crazy.. we just have to find it and learn to laugh at it (sometimes my laughing does not come for hours, days, weeks after the events have completed themselves).

Let's go -


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