Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Cassius Jackson Crum Welcome & first trip to the hospital, oi!

Cassius was born on Friday morning, January 8 at 8:02 am (I was cheering for 8:01 because how cool would that be, 8:01 on 1/08 -- but we were a tad late... I blame my sister for that because she called at 8:00 and distracted me.. or something).

He was 8lb 11 oz and 20.5 inches long. Cassius has lots of dark hair and nice round Billey type cheeks! On Sunday afternoon we were released from the hospital!

Big brother Manasseh met Cassius at the hospital and definitly took a liking to him. He wants to snuggle him, hold him, comfort him.. it's all very sweet.

When the pediatrician released him, he recommended that we schedule an appointment for today to have his bilirubin count checked again. Today Cassius was pretty lethargic and didn't eat a lot. After my nap I saw that he did, indeed, look jaundiced. We got him in to the doctor as soon as Randy got home, and they decided that he definitly was jaundiced and should go to the hospital lab for blood work to see how high his count was. They also checked his temperature at the office and found it was only 93.8. This set off alarms in doc A's head and she decided to admit him to the hospital to stabilize him.

We're here now, at the hospital with him. Cassius is under a Bili light and on a bili blanket. His bilirubin count was 19, which the nurse called "critically high". His temperature seems to have stabilized at about 97.7. No idea when they'll release us, I'm not sure what their policy is about the bilirubin count. My sister said that Isaac's had to be below 12 before he could go home. They'll retest Cassius in the morning and see what the light therapy has done to lower it. On a good note, he has eaten 2 ounces since we've been here (he had eaten very little for me today).


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