Tuesday, January 12, 2010


It has been fun watching the boy's reactions to their new brother. I won't tell you who is who (you can pretty well figure out which is Manasseh).

Child #1 - Stood by the door staring, then took off toward dad, who was holdin the baby and stared from about a foot away. Then leaned over to "hug" the baby, and gave him a kiss... did not want to leave baby alone.

Child #2 - Walked in the door, said "what a beautiful baby".... looked at the person who brought him, said "look at my metal detecter!"

Child #3 - Walked in the door, asked "where's the baby? can I get a picture of me holding the baby to show my teachers?" (This child did not get to meet baby today, due to baby's doctor appointment and sudden trip to hospital).


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