Friday, May 21, 2010

and it's only 9:30!

Oh my, Manasseh is so full of it today! (and he's only been up for 3 hours)... here are some highlights from our morning:

* Kix, while they look like a bowl full of little balls, do not belong on the floor.. however, toddlers apparently have different views on the subject.

* Playing Ring around the Rosey on mommy and daddy's bed is fun, especially if you can get the baby in on the game - just a hoot! (okay, so the baby needs help in order to be involved.. and Manasseh doesn't really talk... so mommy had to do the singing.. but it was fun)

* Milk comes out of a sippy cup much more quickly when you pull the nipple off of the cup, oh yes! But we didn't cry over it, just poured it on the kitchen floor.

* Mommies are for climbing. We're working on this because I fear we'll visit an elderly relative and he will also think they are for climbing.. not quite as okay as mommies.

* Windows are for climbing. Manasseh's bedroom window is a good 4 feet off of the wall, yet he was LAYING in it, both arms and feet on the small ledge... I'm moving his bed back into the center of the bedroom today.

* One should never have to say "we don't do sommersaults off of the baby". Yet, I've said this for the last 2 days, repeatedly!

* One should also never have to say "we do not do sommersaults off of chairs".. that was a few days ago though.

* Manasseh is learnin to be "sneaky". He's about as good at it as Ryan is. This morning he got the bucket of cat water out of the pantry and "snuck" it into the living room. He put it down on the other side of the exersaucer, where I couldn't see it.. and stared and grinned at me as he put his hands into it.

* Potty training is a joy (I honestly like it)... Manasseh is learnin the signs for "poop" and "potty"... he will show me the sign while he's doing them, but not before. Also, he knows he's supposed to go into the pot.. he demonstrated this when he sat at the edge of the cat's water bowl (still in the living room).. and wet himself.

And it's only 9:30.. I don't think I'll get much cleaning done today.


  1. Oh the joys I have to look forward to as a mommy. :) Right now it's only watching out for the occassional fountain. haha