Friday, May 14, 2010


Be aware - this is one of my most ridiculous blogs yet.. mostly because I'm the culprit in this...

My dad's favorite comic to talk about is a strip of Calvin and Hobbes where they're sledding down a hill and talking about choices.. if you go this way, this will happen, if you go that way, another thing will happen.. I get it, great illustration. And yet.. sometimes we all make the wrong turn.

So we are working on potty training with Manasseh. For the most part he's doing well, as long as we remember to put him on the potty. He hasn't gone for the last couple days though for some reason.

This morning I was changing Cash's diaper in the middle of the living room and Manasseh stopped in his tracks and stood still (a good sign he needs to go). I asked if he needed to potty, he said yes. I left Cassius.. yes, left Cassius in the middle of the living room naked and took Manasseh to the potty. The whole time I was dreading the potential wet floor.

Manasseh sat on the pottty and I looked in the mirror. Noticing my greasy hair, I thought that I should take a quick shower. Okay, so I am dumb now.. I hopped into the shower and was afraid the whole time that Manasseh would pee all over the place and so would Cash...

I got out of the shower and heard splashing. Manasseh peed on the bathroom floor and was stomping in it. Cash hadn't peed on the floor. Thank you Jesus!


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