Monday, May 24, 2010

Family Circus

Big events are important to me. Baby dedication is a big event in our family/lives (you can talk to me about why my babies haven't been dedicated some other time). Yesterday was Jeremiah's dedication at the church in Anderson, so we went to Anderson.

Because this is an important event, I wanted to make sure that all of our boys were in on it. I want them to learn what is important and take part in those things. I really prefer to have them sit through church anyhow. Unfortunatly, Manasseh's at an age (and of a nature) that it's difficult to sit still.. or even stand still.. for very long.

So: We got into the sanctuary, Manasseh was tired. He did not want to sit, or stand, or sing... He did want to be near Hannah, that worked out well until Hannah went back up to sit by her parents. He screamed and wriggled through the first song. He then got down and sat in the row in front of us, next to Hannah.. for a moment.
Isaac was in the center aisle, so Manasseh joined him, I feared he was going to take off down the aisle. He didn't, he made his way back to su... then he decided to go visit Poppy on the platform... I caught him, then Hannah and Isaac joined us in the front row... and Manasseh went back toward the platform, then down the aisle, I was so glad that my dad had his eyes closed and was praying when they all took off for the fron row.. and then Manasseh was walking along the kneeling rail in the front of the sanctuary...

So glad when Kevin pulled out goldfish and divvied them up for the kids.

Finally, we were ready to start the dedication.. I thought.. but no, a song and slide show first. Manasseh took off down the aisle.. he was done with this. Cash started screaming becasue he was hungry. Then, in the midst of chasing Manasseh and feeding Cassius, it was time to go to the front for the official dedication... Wow. Seriously, I stood in front of the church, breastfeeding the baby and thanking God that my mom was able to corral Hannah and Manasseh.

Yikes. I felt like I was in a circus.

On a positive note.. it was an excellent sermon that had some effect and has resulted in some changes.


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