Sunday, October 24, 2010

Good morning

Ah, the smell of coffee, bacon, and eggs in the morning... who can beat that? I didn't wake to that this morning, but it sounds nice. I woke up to Cassius crying. We had driven Randy to work and he was asleep when we got home, so I left him in the carseat in the kitchen.

On my way to get Cassius, I noticed that Manasseh was not in his bed. He's really quiet sometimes when he gets up. I found Manasseh in the kitchen, trying to rock the carseat and comfort Cash. Sweet? Well.. it gets sweeter...

Manasseh was also holding a mostly empty jar of Nutella. Never had it? you should try it, good stuff! He had obviously removed the lid (which I have yet to find). He had Nutella all over both hands, his face, his shirt, the kitchen floor, and yes.. his brother.

Isn't it nice when brothers share?


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