Monday, October 25, 2010

Totally cheating

So, I was talking to my sister this afternoon and she asked what I had done that was photo/blog worthy with my boys today.. uhh... okay, I just took this challenge.. but oh I was so busy today. I told her I would have to come up with something soon. THEN we heard sirens and saw that there was a firetruck down the street, Manasseh and I sat on the porch and watched the firetruck and ambulance a couple doors down. She thought I should take pictures and go with that. I did take pictures (but my camera is in the van right now).. and I feel like that's totally cheating.

We also went to the garden today and dug up our herbs, in hopes that we can keep them going and use them again in the spring. Manasseh had a great time romping through the garden and helping mama pick burs off of her pants. That was what we did today that was educational and worthy of blogging.

Also Manasseh used the potty at Menards and at the McConnehey house, and tried at Walmart. He seems to be doing pretty well.. when he feels like it!


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