Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Honor The Earth with your FEET! (sponsor spotlight)


In the Crum household we are battling every day.  We battle to live a greener life, we battle to eat healthier foods, we battle to maintain blood sugar... and the list goes on.

As a diabetic I am highly concerned about what my family eats and how we exercise.  I don't want my 3 beautiful boys to grow up fighting the same battles that we are struggling with now.  We are working on teaching them to live healthier lives by helping them learn to get exercise every day.  

One way that we practice this is through the use of a pedometer.  The Crum family, along with some of my extended family, are taking literal steps toward health.  We are walking "together" although live in different cities.  Each day we report in with our number of steps in a battle toward health.  At the end of the month the one with the most average daily steps will take home a trophy.  We will start again with counting steps for next month.  The winner so far?  My mother (I think).  

Okay, the truth is, the kids are kicking our butts.  They are inspiring us to work harder, walk more, and live healthier.  They are encouraging us to practice what we preach and put our foot where our mouth is... 
At the Crum house, as we learn to increase our steps, we are also learning to Honor the Earth by using our van less frequently.  We are learning to take care of our needs without adding to the poor air quality.

Now, for the sponsor:

This has got to be the coolest pedometer we have ever seen!  They are stylish with cute icons on the front so they look cool.  Monkey loves to show his off to anyone that will pay attention.  

This is my favorite.  Isn't it cute?  Earthy and feminine.  Love it!

First I want to tell you about the great quality of pedometers the GeoPalz sells

They are made with kids in mind.  The pedometer has a bent angle on the end of the clip to hold it firmly in place on pants or shoes.  There is also a "leash" with it so you can attach it doubly - if it somehow manages to slip off, it will still be holding on with the leash.  Believe me, with an active young boy, this can be useful.

These are durable.  Monkey has dropped his a number of times.  He takes it off regularly to look at the numbers and is not good at putting it back on himself.  When he looks at it, it has frequently landed on the floor.  The cute cover over the pedometer seems to help with protecting it.

GeoPalz calibrates to the individual step.  This gives a more accurate picture of how many steps are being taken.  

The pedometer also has a time and date function.  That helps with tracking steps. One great thing about this function is that you can't forget to reset it in the morning - it 0's at midnight.  (If your time is not set properly, it will reset itself in the middle of the day).

Here is the direction sheet.  I called my sister when I opened it up.  I learned about GeoPalz from her, so she was the one to gripe at about this.  What a huge set of instructions.  It took a little while for me to figure it all out and get the pedometers set up correctly.  It was not as difficult as I expected based on the size of the instruction page.  

We also had occasion to do a little problem solving.  One of the pedometers did not work right for some reason, customer service was very helpful and had no problem replacing it.  They have a lifetime guarantee on their products!

Check this out, not only are these pedometers adorable (who would have thought you could use a word like "adorable" when talking about pedometers?), they offer a website for tracking progress.  You can use their website for free!  Your kids can even earn prizes for accomplishing goals.  There are a variety of neat prizes for kids who own a geopal - they EVEN have prizes for people that sign up with a free account.  

One of the newer features?  Family tracking.  That's right, I can put all of the members of my family on the GeoPalz site, and monitor progress right there with a chart that shows each family member side by side.  I also get an email every week telling me how my children are doing with their walking.  

GeoPalz has an excellent program for helping families get active together.  They have already helped us in the battle against diabetes.  They also help us as we learn to better care for our Earth.

The price?  GeoPalz sell for only $25!  That price is totally worth it for the quality of the pedometer and the service of the website.  Make sure to check them out today!

Thanks GeoPalz!

GeoPalz will be offering a pedometer to one of my readers during the Honor the Earth event from April 12-22.  Happy Earth Day!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, I received a product or products in exchange for review.


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