Friday, July 13, 2012

Bedtime Bootcamp

Sleep has ALWAYS been an issue for Manasseh, and ever since he figured out he could climb out of the crib it has also been a problem for Cassius.  Azariah still has no problem with sleep (praise God).  I decided a couple of weeks ago that I was going to go Supernanny on them.  I was going to hold Bedtime Bootcamp!

The first night was one that daddy was "home" (at camp).  I put the boys in their room with a book and a prayer at 8pm.  I closed the door and walked downstairs.  I was surprised at how long it was before one dared to come out - probably a whole 15 minutes.  We gently took them back to bed.

Before long they were jumping from bed to bed in their room.  By 9, Manasseh had come downstairs to tell me he had gotten hurt - how?  He was trying to be a super hero.  At 10:00 they were still restless, I checked in on them to see the boys both on top of their little dresser.  Oi

I wanted to give in and lay down with them until they fell asleep, I really did.  I couldn't do it though, I had to be tough, this was Bootcamp.

11:30 rolled around and they were just getting more wired.  They had some great game of imagination going on. I was tired.  I gave in and laid down with each of them until they fell asleep.

By midnight, they were out.

The next night was 4th of July.  I decided that even though I REALLY wanted to let them stay up and watch fireworks, I needed to be consistent.  It worked out very much the same as the night before.

July 5th was SUPER SUPER hot.  We have 1 air conditioner in our little cottage, it's upstairs and gets the job of trying to cool the whole place.  It was really hot.  I decided the boys and I were going to head to our regular house early, so we loaded the van and went home - We had to run errands anyway.  They fell asleep on the way home, we were lucky.

Last night I laid down with my sleepy head - yep, I gave in and laid down with them - bedtime was done in half an hour.

Tonight? I'm not even pretending bootcamp will work while we're living in such a state of fluctuation.

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  1. You had one night where you 'gave in' but don't worry.. you can do this! I have hope that it will work (simply because my little one is 18 months and if it works for you i hope it'll work for me!)