Thursday, July 12, 2012

Journaling for Better Behaviors

I confess.  My life is messy.  I have a hard time with consistent discipline - for myself, and my boys.  When I say "discipline", I don't mean punishment or consequence.  I mean - sometimes it's hard to remember to get everyone's teeth brushed before we run out the door - sometimes I even forget to give Manasseh his arthritis medicine!  That's not good.  I also forget to read my Bible, spend time in prayer, eat well, and so forth.
They're all on the move all the time - so much fun, and a lot of work.

My kids are complicated sometimes.  My job is complicated sometimes.  Heck, life is difficult.

I've been concerned for a little while that Cassius is developing another food allergy - and said many times that I need to keep track of what he's eating and how his body responds.  But... that takes work and I'm good at forgetting.

I'm working on better behaviors that will improve the overall health of my family. Yesterday I bought 4 notebooks from Walmart (school sale time, college ruled notebooks $0.17 this week).  I got a notebook for each child, and one for myself.  I don't figure Mr. Crum wants me to monitor his foods and activities.

So here's my commitment:
Starting today I will be tracking everything that the boys and I eat.  All for different reasons - myself for diabetes & weight management, Manasseh for arthritis symptoms, Cassius for allergies, Azariah for weight gain!  I'll also be tracking Manasseh's swollen joint, Cash's episodes of blank staring, Azariah's diaper changes.  AND - the big thing for me: my time with God.  Yep.  I'll be journaling in my notebook as I work to improve myself.

Here's to a healthier family!  My life will still be messy.  I mean - I'm a "stay at home" mom that lives at work with 3 boys 4 and under.  That's a lot of busy-ness.  But we can be healthy while we learn together how to live cleaner, healthier, fuller lives!


  1. Oh how I praise you for this because I know that I need to be doing the same thing. I stopped walking.. mostly because of our neighborhood, so I am hoping once we get back to Bluffton, that I can start walking again and eating healthier. I need to watch that stuff with my kids too because Jasmine has a habit of wanting more and more. I don't mind giving more, really I don't, but I want her and the rest of the kids to be sure that they are truly hungry....wait 5 minutes or longer and let the food settle kind of thing, ya know? Anyhow, you are an inspiration to me, and I hope that one day I can get things back on track for our lives.

  2. I am with ya! Being a stay at home mom can be messy. I don't know how I old fit in work with all of the balls I'm juggling right now. I also need o become more disciplined in my life... Most importantly with my bible reading and prayer.