Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Take a deep breath and reframe your thoughts

I've shared before about some of our sleep time struggles.  I even shared recently about my attempt at bed time boot camp.  (1 more week of camp and we'll mostly be at hour house - that will make things easier, maybe).

Over the weekend we were traveling.  It was a fantastic weekend filled with family time.  My boys were exhausted and overwhelmed.  For Cassius, especially, this makes it very hard to go to sleep.  We always try to let the boys go to sleep on their own before we offer "help".  I chose to sit in the room with the boys so they could relax in the confidence that they were not alone.  (This also cuts down on play time).  Friday night,  as I monitored my boys at bed time, Cassius crawled into my lap for a snuggle.

Truthfully, at first I was annoyed.  I just wanted him to go to sleep.  I was right there - he could see me - why couldn't he just sleep.

As I held my sweet boy, I began to reframe my thoughts.  See, these restless bed times are not going to last forever.  In fact, before I know it my boys won't want to be held at all.  I need to treasure these times, in spite of my own agendas to get things done.  So I did.  I held him, I treasured his snuggles.  I chose to be tender in a time when I felt just slightly frustrated.  I allowed myself to be blessed by my toddler.

Treasure these times.  Enjoy the tender moments.  Take a deep breath when they really just need your attention and you really just need a break.  This time will pass all too quickly.

How do you reframe your thoughts when you have different plans than your children?


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