Thursday, July 12, 2012

A kick start on the potty

We've been working on learning to potty with Cassius since he was able to sit.  He gets the concept, and thinks he wants to wear underwear, but he is a busy 2 year old and does not like to sit for long enough to go.  We're working on it, still.  I honestly think that if I were able to stay home with the boys all of the time, he would be going with no trouble.  As I've said, I'm more busy than I intend to be.

So this week I learned a great technique for kick starting the potty reflex.  Cassius had to give a urine sample at the doctor's office - do you know how they do that on children who don't use the toilet regularly?  They use a bag.  

I knew INSTANTLY when Cassius needed to go.  In fact, even after he was done with this "test", he stayed dry the rest of the day and TOLD us when he needed to go.

So this morning, we started the day in underwear - and he did well... for a while - I got distracted with another task and didn't send him in time - then we had an emergency on campus and I kept him in a diaper the rest of the day.  We'll start again tomorrow.


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