Sunday, March 7, 2010

Cassius Update

Cassius had his first appointment with the neurologist on Friday. It went pretty well, really it was just a consult to get him set up with this new doctor.
She did an exam and then looked over the disc of his first MRI.

Her concerns were that he does not seem to track movement well with his eyes (he did not follow her at all). He does not smile (developmentally that's about a 4-6 week skill and he's 8 weeks). He snores in his sleep. She initially thought he had low muscle tone, but it turned out he was being stubborn and did not want to use his muscles.

He will see an optomologist next week regarding the tracking. I'm not sure exactly what Dr. Chen wants them to look for, but they're smart and they'll know what's up. He will also have a nap study sometime in the future, regarding the snoring. Dr. Chen ordered some blood and urine tests to try and find out if he had an infection in utero - I'm not entirely sure what finding that out will do to help us, but I'm sure there's a good reason. Those tests were done on Friday before we left the hospital. She wants to follow up with us in 3 months, when he is 5 months old. She may order a new MRI at some point to get a picture of how his brain is developing.

Dr. Chen seemed to think that his brain injury looked fairly severe and was suprised that he is developing rather normally at this point. We don't know what that means as far as what she expects him to be able to do. She will track his progress.


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