Friday, March 19, 2010


Please, don't treat my son like a moron. He acts like it, I know. He wants people to treat him like he's mentally handicapped, he thinks it's funny, or cute. The truth is, he's not incredibly dumb. He's not the brightest kid there is.. but he's got a brain in there, and it works. See, I think that people have let him get away with acting like a moron for so long, that he doesn't know how to act differently. He likes the attention, and so people continue to treat him that way, and he doesn't try to act like the person he can be. He continually chooses not to live up to his potential, because acting dumb has worked for him for so long.

So, expect him to answer you with something that makes sense, when you ask a question - if he doesn't, tell him that doesn't make sense and ask him to try again. If he "forgets" something, make him remember it. If he can't tell you what day it is, make him figure it out. He's really not as dumb as he wants people to think.

Just one of those things that makes me crazy.

Thank you

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