Monday, March 29, 2010

Hot Chocolate

At one of our churches they set coffee out for adults to have during service. They even have an esspresso bar where you can get "special" drinks. We told Ryan that he could get a hot chocolate from the esspresso bar. He walked up and told the lady what he wanted.. she looked at him and asked how old he is.
"I'm... kind of like... 11... or something."
"No, you are 11, not kind of like it"

Anyway, the rule is that you have to be 14 to get a drink because they dont' want people spilling on the cement (yes cement) floors. He was fine with that and walked away with no complaints. We chuckled about it, especially after Randy spilled his coffee TWICE on the floor!


  1. i sat on my coffee yesterday in church. it was great. middle of service... usher came to clean it up. awesome.

  2. that's pretty funny. I want to know why they provide napkins right next to the coffee if they don't expect people to spill