Monday, March 8, 2010

The joy of water

Water.. ahhh. It's so good for drinking and showering and flushing toilets. I use water every day and think so little of it. Can I even imagine what it would be like to live in a place that does not have fresh running water? What if the water I had to give my children were contaminated? If it made them sick, but I didn't have anything else? Water is so basic that we forget about what a blessing it is, and forget that other people don't have it so good.

Why am I thinking about water this morning? We finally got the water turned on at our new house this weekend. There was a pretty good leak under the sink when Randy turned it on, the water heater was old and nasty looking.. also it had a significant leak in it and was missing a knob. Oh, and more leaks in the bathroom when we turned the water on again!

We experienced the wonder of plumbing and the blessings of water. Not just water - we can have hot water!

We also experienced the blessing of family. My parents came up to see our house for the first time. They were going to come a week ago, but my sister had to go and have a baby! My dad came in his overalls and with his tools, ready to work. He helped us get the plumbing in order. Wow! They spent several hours with us. Mom washed the windows and watched the little kids while dad and Randy did plumbing work and even installed a new water heater!

Water and family are just two of the many blessings we experienced this weekend.

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