Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Sometimes the choices I make hurt other people, and sometimes their choices hurt me. I don't think most of us intend to hurt others, but it happens. Some choices have results that we'll never fully know or understand. That's why we need to take our time and really think before we make big decisions.

Randy and I have made so many BIG decisions recently, it's crazy! They effect everyone in our family, from Cassius to our parents and siblings. They also have an effect on our friends. We love our lives and are glad for our decisions.

Some recent decisions have been difficult on all of us, I won't go into detail right now. We feel that we have made the best choices for the health of everyone in our family, even though some things we choose feel like they hurt.. like getting a shot at the doctor's office. It stings, but it keeps me from getting the flu and passing it on to others.

That's it, nothing profound, just reflecting for my own sanity.

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