Wednesday, August 1, 2012

34 things

34 Things I want to do while I'm 34:

  1. Drop my blood sugar levels
  2. Exercise regularly
  3. Finish the change to a whole foods, plant based diet
  4. Teach Pre-K at home with Manasseh (and Preschool with Cassius)
  5. Stick to a budget
  6. Learn to  cook at home every day
  7. Improve my sewing skills 
  8. De-clutter my home
  9. Stop and really think about answers before I give them to my boys
  10. Get Azariah back into cloth diapers full time
  11. Be part of an ongoing Bible study with a group of women
  12. Visit at least 10 churches as a representative of YCL Ministries
  13. Bike as a family
  14. Hike in all seasons and experience nature
  15. Create some really cool hand made Christmas gifts
  16. Invite friends over at least once a week
  17. Lose 34 pounds
  18. Meet my neighbors
  19. Fix the garage - it needs new walls and a new roof
  20. Help my big boys learn to sleep without assistance
  21. Read, a lot
  22. Go on a lot of dates with my husband
  23. Sell our house in Goshen
  24. Pay off all remaining debt (we're so close)
  25. Support my husband in reaching his educational goals
  26. Make sure my kids know their family - at LEAST see grandparents once a month
  27. Work on the Couch to 5k
  28. Visit the little creek in Brown County and skip stones with Randy
  29. Take a vacation
  30. Teach my kids to clean their room
  31. Have a mama only retreat for a day, or a week, or... no, not more than that
  32. Visit Ikea
  33. Enjoy a whole family snowball fight
  34. Help my children learn to cook


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