Monday, August 13, 2012

Change brings disruption

Today's the day.  My baby sister is going back to work.  She's been home for the last 2.5 years with her kids and it's been great.  I've enjoyed having her "company" via phone calls nearly every day - multiple times a day.  It's nice to talk to adults sometimes, you know?

So today her world changes.  Her baby goes to daycare for the first time in his life.  He's 2.5 now.  Her big boy will be starting kindergarten on Wednesday, and her sweet 7 year old girl will be disguising herself as a 2nd grader!

They are in the midst of turmoil.  Everything is changing for their family.  They believe they are making the best choices for their family and believe God is at work through their current decisions.  In spite of that knowledge, it is very difficult to give up some of the aspects of the life they have learned to love.

 See, no matter how you slice it, change brings disruption.  I'm not saying change is bad - although sometimes even a good change FEELS bad.  It can be so super scary.  The Crum house has had so many big changes over the last 5 years it is sometimes amazing to think about all that we've done and gone through.  At times it has been very rough.

I love that I have a partner who is supportive in times of change.  He is ready to face a challenge with me.  We can stand firm in the knowledge that we will be there for each other and even more so, in the knowledge that we have a God who is there for us.  We have a God, the creator of the universe, who holds our hands during the disruption that change brings.  Wow.  Change IS disruptive, but God is constant.

As we continue to step together into disruption, we are thankful.  We rejoice that we are becoming stronger in our love for each other, and more importantly in our faith in God's goodness.

How do you face the disruption that is change?


  1. Thank you for our uplifting words!

  2. I am facing many difficult changes that are bringing difficult challenges with them right now. I feel so much better, though, when I give my problems to God and trust that he will send me the right answers for me.

  3. It's been a wonderful, difficult summer here, we're still adjusting to our "new normal".. it's rewarding in spite of the challenge.