Thursday, August 2, 2012

Potty Training is...

(Felicity, don't read this post).

I love this little boy:
Because I love him, I want him to learn how to be independent.  I want him to wear underwear.  In fact, I've finally made the decision that I'm done with diapers on Cassius, just done.  Other than nap and bed time - we'll get to those after we get day time figured out.

Today was day #2 fully in underwear - no excuses for reverting to the diaper.  Yesterday was great - mostly.  He had 1 accident and that was in the evening...

Today was mostly good.  He went all morning without an accident - until we got home from shopping and I sent him to the restroom.  He stopped in the middle of the hall, turned to me and said, "I peed on the floor".

Whatever, mess happens when you're 2 and in underpants.

Tonight we went to dinner and made sure to take him to the restroom SEVERAL times (twice at the library, 3 times at dinner...).

Note: Always have supplies for toddlers in your purse... AND remember to take your purse to the restroom.  Mama left the purse on the bench.  I got a surprise.  I pulled his pants down to use the restroom and well, it was messy.  I ended up leaving his underpants in the trash because I didn't have anything to put them in...
Also - ALWAYS make sure the stall you choose has toilet paper.  Ugh.  Messy.

So I decided that since he had already emptied himself, we were pretty good to go.  He could continue to wear his shorts and just walk around "free" underneath.

Bad choice.
Bad choice.

Don't do that.

We went to Barnes & Noble (Felicity, this is the part I don't want you to read) because the boys wanted to play with the train set and read books.  Also I was hoping to see Felicity, who had a rough day yesterday and could certainly use a hug.

Well, they played.. until.. my boy stopped playing.  He said, "I pooped."

Daddy.. oh daddy... he checked (remember the boys is free, no underpants to contain mess) - as soon as daddy pulled out the shorts to check... **PLOP**

Fortunately, I had napkins in my purse.  I quickly cleaned up the floor at the bookstore.  Handed daddy a shopping bag to put under dear Cassius in order to contain any seeping or further messing.  Daddy scooped him up and carried him outside.

Admit it. Have you ever done a parking lot change?  We're pretty good at making those work - usually we can find a little grassy area close to the van to lay the boys on so it's a bit more cozy.. not today though.

I figured we would clean him up, change his pants, and head back in to finish our shopping.  BUT... well, sometimes things are messy.  He has this bizarre poo sometimes that just won't wipe off.  It crumbles - he HAD to have a bath, it was all over his leg.. and wouldn't wipe off.  SO.. I put him in a pair of pants I just bought for his 7 year old cousin.  I figured that would contain the mess so that it didn't get on his car seat while we drove home.

And then ... I remembered something we needed at the hardware store.  So we decided to stop over there.  Mr. Crum suggested we not take this boy inside because the pants were too big to stay up.  Mama.. yes, mamas are creative and brilliant at times... pulled out a pair of shorts to put over the pants that were too big and quite lovely, might I add.

Messy.  I love my boys.  I even like the potty training phase with all the strange situations that it can cause.  Tomorrow I'll remember to take my purse with me to the bathroom.

Do you have a potty training story to share?


  1. That looks like an outfit that his 7 year old cousin might wear...on purpose...and she's NOT potty training! Just sayin.

    Oh, and potty training? Messy.

  2. Well, the flower pants are for his 7 year old cousin, glad we had them on hand. They're clean now.

  3. I like boys wearing girls clothes, love to see him wearing panties like I do