Monday, August 13, 2012

Back to school with Rubbermaid: Review

Once in a while we get the opportunity to review something that we are going to use nearly every day.  I love those products that we can really get a lot of use from that don't end up just being clutter in our house.  Rubbermaid frequently has that kind of top of the line, every day use, smart products.

Randy packs his lunch for work just about every day.  Usually I send leftovers from the meal we have eaten the night before.  Sometimes he gets sneaky and buys a cheap frozen veggie pack instead.  It's hard to find just the right containers that will fit into a lunch sack neatly and not topple before he gets into work.  

Once in a while he walks to work and I get concerned about his foods being in a sack for an hour while he is on the way with nothing to keep them cool.  
Rubbermaid has a new lunch system designed to address just these problems!  The containers fit well together so they stay in place in the lunch sack - AND - it comes with a "Blue Ice" block that fits perfectly together with the containers.  They can be stacked in a variety of different ways to make things just right for you.  They also fit perfectly into their LunchBlox Lunch Bags.  

We tested the "Sandwich Kit" shown above and believe me, it fits more than a sandwich (that's good because I very rarely send sandwiches to work with Mr. Crum)!  I can't wait to pick up the salad kit from the store and try it in his lunches as well.  

I love the size of the containers.  The sandwich container easily holds a slice of pizza and a few cheese sticks with room for plenty more.  It can hold burritos, or a small salad, or.... whatever.  The medium container is perfect for a LOAD of veggies - this lunch had steamed cauliflower and Mr. Crum said that there was too much for him to finish it all.  I wanted to add some type of dip to one of the small containers but there just wasn't need for it in this lunch.  

For those concerned about carrying lunch with them, I recommend Rubbermaid LunchBlox.  You know they're going to last, Rubbermaid has high quality products.  They are just the right size for a healthy lunch - or a not so healthy one, as shown above.  The Blue Ice is a wonderful addition to a lunch kit as well.  Thanks Rubbermaid for another fantastic, user friendly design!

**Disclaimer: I received a product free for the purpose of review.  All opinions are my own.**


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