Sunday, September 23, 2012

Cheap Date Night #CouchCritics

We need a (cheap) date night! 

Do you ever feel like you really need time with your spouse - but with jobs and kids and activities, it is just so hard to find?  Randy and I have taken to a lot of after bed time dates - things like sitting on the front porch and drinking coffee, or an occasional board game.  Truthfully though, one of our favorite activities is renting a movie from the Redbox and snacking on cheese sticks, or popcorn, or jalapeno poppers (not foods on my diet plan).  

Last night we decided to have a family date night.  As we were putting the boys to bed I discovered that we had an opportunity to have a movie and snacks, sponsored by Collective Bias.  We were chosen to rent Tropic Thunder, a 4 year old movie directed by Ben Stiller.  

Our first task:
Get the boys to bed! 

As soon as we had the first 2 boys asleep, Randy took over on Cassius.  He's our wild card when it comes to sleeping.  I checked Redbox online to reserve the video.  Then I quickly threw my shoes on and headed to Walmart for videos and a snack!

I don't know about you, but I can NEVER seem to make Walmart a "quick" trip.  It took me 45 minutes to decide on exactly what I was going to buy.  Seriously... I had to look at a variety of foods, some baby clothes, nighties, and so much more.  This is what I finally ended up with.  Check out my shopping experience on Google +.

Okay, so it wasn't ALL for date night - we did not use the bag/tissue paper or card for our date.  Total date night package (including the extras for the birthday party) was less than $20!  That is my kind of date.  Cheap, simple, and at home with my love.

We snuggled up with our poppers and Tropic Thunder.  It was not my favorite movie (read more about the movie and my thoughts on the movie in my Couch Critics review).  I did love having time with Randy though.  

Make sure to check out Redbox for your next date night movie or video game!  They are even offering games to download for the whole family!

Redbox is on Facebook and Twitter as well!

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