Monday, September 24, 2012

Family Date Night

We live a fast paced life.  We love to be on the go, always looking for an adventure.  We enjoy loving life.

Sometimes, however - we have to slow down.  Once in a while we have to make it a priority to just enjoy each other's presence at home, as we are.  Saturday night, we took time for a family date night.  Nothing extravagant, just relaxing and playing together.

What do you do to enjoy time as a family?  Here is our date night:

Does it look delicious?  Do you wonder what we're making?  Check back tomorrow to find out about our no cereal breakfast recipe this week.

We baked together - the boys loved making this special breakfast treat.  They were truly part of the creating!  Randy and I enjoy cooking and creating foods together, the boys are always so glad to jump right in when they get the chance!

We played the Noodleboro Manners game.  The boys really enjoyed this.  It was incredibly simple, but forced taking turns, sharing, and using manners.  We have already thought about some amendments we'll make to our game next time.  It took a little longer than the boys were ready for.  

Do you see the bit of white in front of Cassius?  We also shared popcorn - it was a special night!

The highlight of the evening may have been hot chocolate with BIG marshmellows.  Manasseh and I went to the store for our baking supplies and he saw these, he NEEDED to have them.  Daddy fills the mugs much higher than mommy... that's okay though!

We followed the picnic game with Go Fish.  This version of the game is incredibly cute and can be played in a number of ways depending on children's skill level and understanding of numbers and colors.  We went with very simple for our game night.  

Soon we realized that somehow it was 9pm - WAY past bed time.  We brushed teeth, said prayers, and helped the boys get to bed.

What a GREAT fun family date.  You know how much it cost us?  Practically nothing.  We already had everything we needed at home (minus a few baking supplies that I was going to buy anyhow).

We're looking for a great family activity for this week - what is your family's favorite?


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