Monday, September 3, 2012


Where do you find inspiration to change your habits?  Who do you look to as examples of jobs well done?  I have begun to take notice of a few people around me who are changing their lives for different reasons.  I am impressed at their ability to be consistent with what they have set out to do.  These people have seen dramatic results in their lives because they are stubborn and desperate for change.

Elizabeth is my sister.  She has MS.  A little over a year ago she decided that if she was going to tackle her disease, she needed to make changes.  She went all out on a lifestyle change, including using a primarily whole food plant based diet, and doing zumba regularly.  In less than a year she lost more than 60 pounds.  Her MS is still a problem, but she is strong and able to care for her family.  Becoming a healthier person has helped her to gain the strength she needs each day to keep going.  

I'm sorry.  I can't remember her name.  I know where she works and what town she lives in.  I sat by this lady at a seminar on Wednesday and as we talked, she shared that since July of this year, she has lost 23 pounds through diet change and exercise.  She is significantly older than me (old enough to have multiple grand children and 3 grown sons).  After a scare with some heart issues early in the year, she decided it was time to change.  She bikes nearly 20 miles a day through country roads (if you know what country roads are like in Indiana, you can guess there are likely a lot of hills).  She keeps track of her diet using My Fitness Pal.  I've never used this, actually, I only learned about it this week - we don't have smart phones.  This lady is doing a great job and reducing the risk of future heart difficulties!

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Thank you Elizabeth, Children's Pastor Lady, Tina, and Carmen for being an inspiration in my journey toward heatlh.

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