Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Family Project: Heifer International

How do you teach your children about compassion, generosity, love, joy, and kindness?  How do you help them live out the gospel of Jesus Christ - in real ways that touch the lives of other people?  We have been blessed this year with the ability to support Heifer International, who helps impoverished families worldwide!

Don't get me wrong - we absolutely do not have a bunch of extra money lying around that we are able to just give away - quite the opposite.  But we want to make a difference in the lives of others and help our children begin to understand that they can do the same.  We have adopted this project as our family Christmas project!  

Together with the boys we are beginning to work on crafts that we will be selling to friends, family, church members, blog readers - whoever is interested in helping my boys earn $150 to buy a goat for a family in need of a livelihood, and a beehive for another.  The boys are excited about doing projects as a family (so are the parent Crums).  They know that their work is going to help people.  

One project that we have started is felt crowns (made by mama Crum).  We will also be making fire starters, ornaments, and a few other items to help us reach our goal.  If you are interested in learning more about our crafts and how you can contribute to our cause, email me - crumsthisnthat @ gmail 

Do you work with your children on special projects that help other people?  What do you support?  Have you heard of Heifer International before?


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