Thursday, February 16, 2012

Bed Time

I am so VERY thankful for Mr. Crum.
Most nights he puts the "big" boys to bed, and they love it.  He reads to them and sings to them, he prays with them, and I even heard a rumor that he tried to teach them "duck, duck, goose".

Tonight, Mr. Crum is at a meeting.  Mama does not like bed time.  The boys have been in bed for half an hour, Monkey is rolling all around in his bunk, finally settling down.  Crackers is laying directly behind me (I'm leaning on his bed).  He's playing with my hair, singing songs, now climbing on my head.  Baby is in his little swing, screaming his head off (usually I feed him during the bed time routine).

I want them to go to sleep.  It's mostly selfish - I want time for me.  Knowing that my ambitions are selfish makes me feel like a cruddy mama.  Do you ever feel this way when you just want some time for yourself?

Fortunately, it's been a good day with a few pick me ups to help me out.

Do you ever get unexpected compliments?  It feels so nice - when the pediatrician told me this morning that "your boys are always so well behaved... it's hard for the kids their ages to be in such a small office with no toys for so long".... I felt good about things.  I was somewhat frustrated even then, they were having a little bit of a struggle with following directions to pick up the beads so we would be ready to go.  They did well though.

Then I got a nice note from a friend, affirming that I'm doing okay as a mama.  She told me some good qualities about my boys and about myself.  I needed that.  I greatly appreciate that.

What's the best thing someone has said about you today?

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  1. My sweet little boy told his big sister that she's the best girl in the world...but mommy is the prettiest girl in the world. :) That made me smile. I suppose that's about it for today.